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在开罗 避孕和X光检查都能上门服务

本文摘要:CAIRO — When it comes to home delivery and services, Cairo has most other places beat.开罗――在租车到家和服务上门方面,没多少城市能比不上开罗。


CAIRO — When it comes to home delivery and services, Cairo has most other places beat.开罗――在租车到家和服务上门方面,没多少城市能比不上开罗。Suffering from a hangover and perhaps some regrets? Costa Coffee will send around a single shot of espresso ($2.70), and the neighborhood pharmacy will dispatch one morning-after pill ($2).为宿醉困惑?也许为昨晚的事愧疚?Costa咖啡可以送一杯意式稀释咖啡(2.70美元),附近的药店也能送一片事后避孕药(2美元)。

Want a Brazilian bikini wax? It can be done in the privacy of your home for $6. 想想个巴西式比基尼脱毛?可以在家中偷窥环境下已完成,价格6美元。Need a birth or death certificate? Just put in a call to the government, which will dispatch it within 72 hours.必须出生于或丧生证明?只需给政府打电话,72小时内就不会获得解决问题。For city dwellers in Egypt, almost anything can be delivered, and for nearly nothing.对于埃及的城市居民来说,完全一切都可以租车,而且几近免费。

Home deliveries started with fast food, but have come to include an array of other goods and services. 租车到家服务始自快餐业,但是慢慢发展到一系列其他货品与服务。Upscale restaurants will deliver a salad or a single slice of cake; stationers will send pens to the office; liquor stores will supply alcohol if a party runs dry; bakeries will send fresh bread and pastries straight from the oven — most of it carried on the backs of battered old motorcycles.高级餐厅可以只送来一份沙拉或一小块蛋糕;文具店可以把钢笔送往办公室;如果舞会上的酒喝了,可以要酒类商店送;蛋糕房可以送刚刚揭晓的新鲜面包和甜点——多数商品都是用破旧摩托车送的Driving the trend is a middle class willing to spend money to avoid hassles, plus large numbers of poorer people willing to zoom around on motorcycles for less than $10 a day. 推展这种趋势的是中产阶级不愿花钱防止困难的心愿,此外还有众多较为贫的人不愿骑着摩托车四处来回,换取每天将近10美元的报酬。Given Cairo’s bad traffic and long, hot summers, the capital’s dwellers need little encouragement to pick up the phone. (Deliveries spike especially in July and August, when daytime temperatures rarely drop below 90 degrees.)鉴于开罗差劲的交通状况,以及夏日的漫长炎热,大城的居民不必过于多想要就不会打电话叫租车(租车在7月和8月不会超过高峰,那段时间白日的温度很少高于90华氏度)。

The customers pay very little for the convenience — delivery charges are typically less than a dollar.客户不必缴多少钱就可以获得这种便捷——快递费一般将近1美元。It is too hot for anyone to walk, and no one wants to drive through a traffic jam and then have to look for a parking spot, said Shady Ahmed, who delivers for Costa Coffee in Zamalek, an affluent Cairo neighborhood. 天气太热了,大家都不不愿走路,也没有人不愿驾车遇上交通堵塞,然后还要去找停车位,在扎马利克为Costa咖啡车主的沙迪艾哈迈德(Shady Ahmed)说道,恰马利克是开罗一个繁盛的地带。Why would anyone waste money on a cab coming and going when we can deliver to them for less?既然我们可以廉价送货上门,为什么还要浪费钱微信呢?Even the government’s creaky bureaucracy has seized on the trend. 就连残破的政府官僚体制也跟上了这股潮流。In January, the civil registry created a call center for people to renew their national IDs and then get birth, death and marriage certificates delivered to their homes, a service they can also find online.1月,民政注册处对外开放了一个电话中心,获取上门服务,老大人们改版身份证号,之后又获取了租车出生证、死亡证和结婚证的服务,这些服务也可以网际网路办理。

We did this to make life easier, said Ehab el-Attar, the registry’s head. 我们这样做到都是为了提供方便,注册处的长官埃哈卜艾尔-阿塔尔(Ehab el-Attar)说道。Not everyone can use the internet, and this way they don’t waste time coming here and make traffic worse. 不是所有人都能用互联网,这样他们就不用浪费时间跑到这里,让交通更进一步好转。I don’t think this particular service is a proof of laziness. 我不实在这项服务证明人们懒散。

But, he added with a laugh, there is definitely plenty of laziness around.不过他笑着补足说道,现在显然有不少懒人。The home delivery culture is spreading into the service sector as well. 上门文化也发展到了服务行业。Now an ailing runner can have her knees X-rayed in bed for about $55, and while she is at it, get a haircut and a pedicure.现在,如果跑步伤势,可以在家里,躺在床上给膝盖做到X光检查,只需55美元,与此同时,还可以剪发和美甲。While businesses have jumped at the opportunities, some of their workers grumble about the customers’ attitudes. 商家抓住机会的同时,有些员工也在责怪客户的态度。

They’ll just sit there with coffee mugs and barely look at you. 他们就是末端着咖啡躺在那儿,完全不看你一眼。You just want to tell them, ‘You are not rich, this is just cheap,’ said Nagat Hosny, a body waxer who does home visits.你不禁想要告诉他他们,‘不是你太有钱,是服务过于低廉’,获取上门服务的身体脱毛师纳加胡斯尼(Nagat Hosny)说道。Mostafa Mahmoud travels the city taking blood from people at home — he is a phlebotomist, not a vampire — and delivers it to Al Borg, one of the capital’s leading medical labs.穆斯塔法马哈茂德(Mostafa Mahmoud)在整个城市四处上门收集血液——他是注射者,不是猫者——然后把这些血液获取给开罗仅次于的医疗实验室之一Al Borg。

It is often exasperating when you go and find that the person is absolutely fine and just chilling at home, he said. 有时候你上门去,找到那人几乎没问题,悠闲自得地待在家里,这常常让人气愤,他说道。Some even have the audacity to scold you if you are 10 minutes late.有些人因为你晚了10分钟,就敢教训你。With an increasing number of goods and services finding their way to the doorsteps of customers, it was inevitable that some high-tech solutions would also come along.愈来愈多的货物和服务被必要送上门,一些高科技的解决办法也就不可避免地随之而来。

Waleed Rashed is the founder of a company that plans to introduce a delivery app called Voo in October. 瓦利德拉希德(Waleed Rashed)是一家公司的创始人,该公司计划在10月发售一款名为Voo的租车手机应用于。Voo (the name is meant to suggest the sound of speed) aims to do almost any chore for anyone.Voo(这个名字让人联想起飞速移动的声音)目的为所有人获取完全所有的跑腿服务。

There is no incentive to go outside, Mr. Rashed said. 人们不愿外出,拉希德说道。Just one hour outside is enough to ruin anyone’s day.外出一小时就能烧掉一整天。Voo might, for example, pick up keys you left at a friend’s house and return them to you within an hour for an average of $5, he said.比如说,Voo可以在一个小时内老大你拿回回到朋友家里的钥匙,再行交还给你,平均值只需5美元,他说道。Ingez, an Egyptian company whose name translates as hurry up, has also latched onto the delivery craze. 埃及公司因格兹(Ingez——意思是赶紧)也跟上了这股租车热潮。

It offers services such as driving sundry goods — a single cellphone cover, say — from one end of Cairo to another for as little as $2.50, or taking flowers to someone in the hospital on behalf of a busy relative.它可以把各种货物(比如说,一个手机壳)从开罗的一头送往另一头,只必须2.5美元,或者老大一个辛苦的亲戚给医院里的病人送花。Sometimes we find it funny, said Ahmed Farouk, the company’s manager of operations. 有时候,我们实在这很有意思,公司的运营经理艾哈迈德法鲁克(Ahmed Farouk)说道。

I personally wouldn’t request a delivery for a small order myself, but people generally are never shy about it.我自己从不不会为了小额商品叫租车,但是大多数人毫无顾忌。Ammar Ali Hassan, a prominent Egyptian novelist and political sociologist, attributes such attitudes to the return of many relatively affluent Egyptians who were guest workers in Saudi Arabia and other countries on the Persian Gulf.埃及知名的小说家和政治社会学家阿马尔阿里哈桑(Ammar Ali Hassan)实在,这种态度是因为许多比较富足的埃及人正在回国。他们曾在沙特阿拉伯和波斯湾其他国家打零工。

Many were influenced by the Gulf, Mr. Hassan said. 很多人受到海湾地区的影响,哈桑说道。They think, ‘Oh I am a big deal and can act like a member of the upper class now. 他们想要,‘现在我是大人物,可以像上层阶级一样了。I am too big for queues.’ ’我过于真是,无法排队。Home delivery has become so habitual here that Egyptians abroad tend to feel deprived.拒绝接受上门服务出了一种习惯,一些海外的埃及人甚至实在丧失了什么。

Salma Adel, a young Egyptian physician who moved to Ireland more than a year ago, said delivery was one of the things she missed most.一年多前迁居爱尔兰的年长埃及医生萨尔玛阿德尔(Salma Adel)说道,租车是她最缅怀的一件事。It has to be up there with family, she said. 最差是和家人在一起,她说道。It’s not like it’s just fast food. It’s all food.某种程度是快餐,而是所有的餐饮都能递送。

There’s something beautiful about being able to conjure up a beautiful meal out of thin air when you’re sat at home and can’t be bothered to cook, she added.躺在家里,不必费力吃饭,凭空就有好饭好菜逆出来,真是太美了,她说道。